Welcome to the Darga Mionne Droid Race Classic

Ladies and gentlemen, start your…astromechs? No, not the Boonta Eve podraces – come to the Intergalactic Indy 500 of astromech races! Cheer on your favorite R2 unit as they swoop through the turns! Marvel in amazement at the skill of the builders and their exquisite control over these 200-pound droids. Will R5-D4 finally have a good motivator? Will R2-Q5 use the power of the Dark Side to get there first? Or will R2-D2 save the day again and bring home the astromech trophy?  Don’t miss the Darga Mionne Droid Race Classic – an exciting spectacle of high speed technology – at the Droid Builders Raceway!

We’re pretty excited for the droid races this year.  The signups have been moving along slow and sure and the prizes we’ve lined up are over the top!  If you haven’t already signed up, I highly encourage you do so before the event.

You can view the signup information on the R2 Builders Club Forum.