First off the original attribution I’m afraid I do not recall where I got the original files for this from. It wasn’t from a Star Wars search specifically, I believe I was looking for the actual part info (Derwent Flame Tube) during my searches so I could just recreate it myself, I just happened to luck out in finding that someone did it for me.  I can definitively say they originated from open source but I cannot give appropriate attribution on this.  If the original creator let’s me know I would be glad to do so though!

If you’re looking at this and downloading, then you already know what it’s for.  Its the head of IG-88, an assassin droid in the Star Wars Universe.

Notes about the model:

The bottom and middle print great with no real effort.  The top on the other hand is pretty awkward.  The original model appeared to have been shelled twice which resulted in very thin walls.  Just the slightest pressure resulted in cracks.  I’m including that in this download if you want it as well as a ‘revised’ version.  The revised version I edited all the mesh faces and made it a complete solid.  It results in a significantly higher usage of material but…. all my issues with trying to get a decent mold were alleviated.

What are the DroidBuilders using these for?

We printed this with the plan to use as decorations for the Franklin-Bossk Smash Derby track.  Since we easily need a minimum of around 20 of them, it wasn’t really feasible to print all of them.  It takes approximately one roll of filament to print this.  At that rate it was looking fairly cost prohibitive so we’re making a jacket mold and slush casting them all so we can then add the lighting and mounting we’re planning.

Anyhow, if you do decide to print your own, we’d love to see it!  Post back a comment with pictures if you would.

So the model is completely free, no strings attached (caveat non-commercial) and I truly hope you enjoy it.  With that in mind, we’d like your help if you can.  Preparing and working on Celebration is expensive.  Currently its been funded by side work (CNC cutting services) and plain ole out of pocket.  Please consider donating to help offset some of these costs.  Your donation is completely tax deductible on your federal and state income taxes (US).  If you donate with us, you’ll receive an email receipt.  Anyhow, not twisting anyones arm because we know financially donating is tough for some.  I’ll slip the form for that below.

Download IG88 Head Model Here

Just to put this in perspective, we’ve already spent a little over 8K not including this.  The overall budget is 18K.

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