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DroidBuilder’s 2019 STEM Supporter


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4 inch wide, fully embroidered patch for showing your support of DroidBuilder’s STEM.  These patches have a sturdy merrowed edge along with a hook and loop backing perfect for attaching to a Bag of Holding.  All proceeds of this patch go specifically to providing STEM resources and activities.

In stock

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We are keepers of the wisdom of the Jedi. We maintain the Great Library, we oversee the teachings of the younglings, and we seek out the ancient histories and Holocrons that will bring us greater knowledge of the light side of the Force. But we are more than just caretakers. We are also guardians.“―Master Obba

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

In an ever-changing, increasingly complex world, it’s more important than ever that our youth are prepared to bring knowledge and skills to solve problems, make sense of information, and know how to gather and evaluate evidence to make decisions. These are the kinds of skills that students develop in science, technology, engineering and math—disciplines collectively known as STEM.  If we want our future leaders, neighbors, and workers to have the ability to understand and solve some of the complex challenges of today and tomorrow, and to meet the demands of the dynamic and evolving workforce, building students’ skills, content knowledge, and fluency in STEM fields is essential.

We hope you enjoy this 4” wide glorious patch showcasing your support for DroidBuilder’s STEM.

Designed for Droid Builders by Helmet Studio.
STEM Sponsorship

All proceeds from this patch are used for STEM sponsorship.

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