Name Description
Droid Building 101 A basic introduction to Droid Building
Building the Droids of Star Wars Everyone knows about building R2-D2 and BB-8, however this panel will show examples of other droids that have been built and the processes behind them. It will cover from Gonks and Mouse droids to Battle droids and T3 droids from Knights of the Old Republic.
The panel will cover the basic ways to make these droids along with off the shelf components that can be used.
Droid Building Beyond R2-D2 – a look at building background and custom droids From Gonks to Interrogators, MSEs to Astromechs the Star Wars Galaxy is full of droids. Come join us for a panel discussion with builders that chose to go beyond everyone’s favorite blue and white droid to bring the unique to life.
A team of talented builders will provide inspiration for you to start your own droid building journey as they talk about the building materials, techniques, reference material and creativity they used.
Build an Animatronic C-3PO Come enjoy the trials and successes of builders who are working on animatronic versions of everyone’s favorite protocol droid, C-3PO. We’ll talk about internal skeletal mechanisms, different types of robotic joints, and servo motors and electric actuators to make them move. Power and signal wiring, and different options for control hardware will be discussed, as well as 3D printing the body shells and getting that nice chrome finish that we all recognize on our goldenrod buddy. Finally, we’ll demonstrate the software we use to model, rig, and animate the motion control system that makes everything move realistically just like in the films and on Star Tours!
3D printing vs Traditional Building With 3D printing becoming more mainstream and common, what about the pros and cons of 3D printing vs traditional build. 3D printing is giving a lot of fans/builders the chance to have their own droid, but how does a build hold up to traditional trooping, weather, fans, kids..etc. Given the unique opportunity we have for fan interaction, and official interaction through Disney/LFL events, are the printed ones allowed to participate?