Ready to participate in the Gonk Droid Build-off?  I certainly hope so.  We will be having a build-off during DroidCon as part of our after-hours fun.  Gather together a team of five or more builders and start your planning.  To help, we’re providing the dimensions of the droid for your use in preparing.

About the Build-Off

During the four days of DroidCon, teams will be decorating a GONK droid during DroidCon After Hours.  We will provide a fully assembled droid painted black as your canvas.  The dimensions below should help you out.

We need to get the info of your team.  Teams should be a minimum of five builders and we’ll need your team name and the names of all the builders.  To participate, all team members must have purchased their ticket to DroidCon.  The team captain should send an email to with all the information about your team, if you have a logo please include that as well!

There is no cost to participate but teams will need to supply the following parts themselves.

  • Front Panel Insert – (Stainless Steel Pan) –
  • Rear Panel Inserts – (Mini Loaf Pan) –  you will need two of these,  they come in a three pack.


The Gonk droids will be voted on the last day of the convention and the winning team will win an amazing prize!

The finished Gonks will be displayed at the next Celebration.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Droid Front

Here is the front of the droid.  If your team would like to participate, you’ll need to order the following cake pan from amazon.  We’ve sized the upper void for this particular one.


Droid Left

Droid Right

The emblem is pocketed .125″.  It’s tight, but you can fit a neopixel in there, or whatever else you choose.

Droid Rear

On the lower rear portion, those are not holes but it is just pocketed.  I sized this so a 3.5″ piece of PVC should be able to fit in there to extend the backside.  The neopixel rings also surprisingly fit in there too.