Calling all DroidBuilders!

It’s time to celebrate with your fellow builders. We invite you to join us in Indianapolis, June 7th – June 10th, 2018 at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport for a time of innovation, collaboration, and informative sessions.

We’re going to call this the year of the GNK and celebrate it with some hands-on building during our DroidCon After Hours and so much more!

We highly recommend reading through this in its entirety, but some don’t so you can order your tickets here.

Tentative Agenda (subject to change)

THURSDAY, June 7th, 2018

  • 09:00 Room Setup
13:00 Registration Opens / Meet and Greet
15:45 Soldering Workshop
  • 17:00 Dinner Break
20:00 DroidCon After Hours – GNK Build Off

FRIDAY, June 8th, 2018

  • 09:00 Room Opens
  • 10:45 PSI (Pounds per Square Innovation) – Brett Bourbin
13:15 What Drives You? – Douglas Bickert
14:30 Styrene Does Not Suck! – Paul Gentile
  • 15:45 How to not Flux up your Droid! (Soldering Skills 101) – Paul Gentile
  • 17:00 Dinner Break
  • 19:00 The Squeaky Wheel – an Evolution of Mouse Droids – (Panel)
  • 20:00 DroidCon After Hours – GNK Build Off

SATURDAY, June 9th, 2018

  • 09:00 Room Opens
10:45 Actuators and Ewoks – Douglas Bickert
  • 13:15 Scratch Building – Ari Stone
  • 14:30 Screen Accurate or Fun – James Marsilia
  • 15:45 Soldering Workshop
  • 17:00 Group Photo & Dinner Break
  • 19:00 BB-8 Without the Printer – Wayne Neumaier
  • 20:00 DroidCon After Hours – GNK Build Off

SUNDAY, June 10th 2018

  • 09:00 Room Opens
10:45 Just CADding: From Club Spec drawings to your own 3D parts – Paul Murphy
  • 14:30 GNK Build Off Judging
  • 15:00 Charity Auction
  • 16:00 Farewells

Event Faqs


I don’t want to read anymore I just want to get my tickets!

We really want you to read through but hey, go for it.

Can I purchase a ticket at the door with cash?

No, we will not be offering tickets at the door. Tickets must be purchased from EventBrite and are on a first come, first served basis. We have limitations on numbers of attendees that we can legally have in the physical space so we have an attendee limit set.

Do I need to bring my printed ticket to check-in?

Yes and no, we will be using a scanner to check attendees in and provide you with your swag bag of goodies. If you have your ticket whether printed or electronically we will be able to check you in faster. We’ll still be able to look you up and check you in, but we’d much prefer you had the barcode!


Can I bring my droid?

Uh, yeah! That’s what this is all about. We’ve set aside an area to display droids so you can show off your creations and let others check out how you’ve made yours.

What droids can I bring?

Any droids are acceptable. We started with astromechs but there are so many amazing droids out there we love to see all the variety.

Table Space

Can I bring my giant collection of stuff and take over a table(s)?

Space is becoming an issue with so many attending so we’re having to limit dedicated table space to accommodate our growth. Please review the ticket options if you need table space. No, this doesn’t mean droids, just the general parts display that inevitably show up. Yes, this was a really hard decision, and we’ll be discussing larger venues at this DroidCon.


Can I bring stuff to sell?

Sure, it’s totally acceptable to bring your droid related items to sell. All we ask is if you’re planning to sell to grab a premium ticket so you have a dedicated space to display your items.


Can I bring my children?

Absolutely! There’s a ticket option for children under the age of 12 available. We love seeing the wonder on their faces, the only thing we ask is that they are supervised at all times.


Is there going to be some cool SWAG available?

Why yes, yes there will be. We’ve partnered with TeeSpring for a T-Shirt option, that’s external from the event itself but we encourage you to pick one up if you like. Otherwise we’ve got patches, lanyards, and challenge coins lined up for attendees.

Additional Patch / Coin

If you would like an additional patch or coin with your order, you can select it during the order process. Please note; you’re getting one of each as part of your ticket price but we know there are collectors who like to order additional.


Is there a code for booking the hotel?

Not really, we have reserved a 50 room block at the Holiday Inn Indianapolis Airport. We recommend you call the hotel directly to book your room at (317) 856-6200. Tell them you are attending DroidCon to receive the room rate negotiated. There are additional hotels nearby should you prefer another location.

Year of the GNK

So what is the Year of the GNK?

We’re planning a GNK build-off challenge for builders to compete to create the most GNKalicious droid ever conceived. We’re recommending you get together a team of six master builders to work together in creating your masterpiece. We will be providing you a life-size shell for you to customize. Basically, we’re providing the box, legs, and feet premade out of wood.

What do you need to provide?

The greeblies! Start planning with your team how you’d like to decorate it and gather your greeblies. We’ll have some hot glue guns to assist in your assembly but the sky is the limit with your imagination.

At the end of DroidCon we’ll be voting on the best GNK in a few different categories.

The winning team will receive an amazing prize!

All the GNKs created will be displayed at the next Star Wars Celebration.